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Ukrzaliznytsia increases transportation of iron ore by 45%, ferrous metals by 2.1 times in Jan

KYIV. Feb 8 (Interfax-Ukraine) – JSC Ukrzaliznytsia in January 2023 increased the volume of iron ore transportation by 45% compared to December 2022 – up to 1.14 million tonnes, the deputy director of the commercial work department of Ukrzaliznytsia, Valeriy Tkachev, said at a meeting of the Office of Exporters under the company.

“After April (last year), when 2.3 million tonnes of ore were transported, the volumes decreased: in November-December they fell to 770,000-780,000 tonnes in export traffic. However, in January (this year) there is very good news: we have already transported 358,000 tonnes more, that is, 1.14 million tonnes. Ore began to grow by 45% from January compared to December,” he said.

Tkachev added that the positive dynamics in ore would continue in February.

According to him, also in January of this year, the volume of transportation of ferrous metals increased by 2.1 times (by 202,300 tonnes) compared to the previous month – to 380,000 tonnes.

According to him, the transportation of cement has also intensified.

“In terms of cement, we have already reached almost pre-war figures, a slight lag remains, but in October-November and December 2022 we already transported more than in the same months of 2021, which also indicates positive dynamics,” the representative of Ukrzaliznytsia stated.

In particular, in October 2022, the volume of cement transportation amounted to 87,000 tonnes (against 85,000 tonnes in 2021), in November – 83,000 tonnes (66,000 tonnes, respectively), in December – 70,000 tonnes (49,000 tonnes). In January 2023, transportation volumes decreased to 54,000 tonnes, which is still higher than in January 2022 – 29,000 tonnes.

Ukrzaliznytsia notes that the demand for cement was largely stimulated by its consumption by the company’s sleeper plants, which increased production volumes in 2022 by 4.7 times – up to 832,000 sleepers.

Tkachev also said that the volume of transportation of sunflower oil from 20,000 tonnes in March 2022 increased to almost 134,000 tonnes, or by 6.7 times, in January, half of all exports of sunflower oil were carried out last month through ports along the “grain corridor.”

The expert indicated that in January 58% of the volume of all export cargoes transported by Ukrzaliznytsia, or 3 million tonnes, fell on grain, while iron ore ranked second with 22%.