How do I publish an article on a blog?

ITTA INFO is a modern online information resource that provides up-to-date information from various industries. We help build a career in the field of information technology, journalism, advertising, project management, etc.

To publish your article, you must fulfill the following conditions:

Write your article on google-board.
Send the link by mail to [email protected]

In the letter, tell us about who you are, what your article is about and how it will be useful to readers.

Thanks to ITTA INFO articles, clients, partners and employees learn from experienced experts and companies. It is easier for new projects to attract investors if they write about them in media resources. In addition, sharing useful knowledge is not only useful, but also pleasant.

What to write about? Articles based on real experience are most appreciated; the author only needs to translate everything as it was.

We have prepared a short list of current topics, but please note that you should not limit yourself to these topics:

About working with services, applications and other tools. Tell us what tools you use for work.
Successful and failed cases, completed projects. Share the details of successful projects and not only successful ones. Tell us about the tasks, goals, how you could or could not achieve them, what difficulties you faced.
About freelancing and office work. Tell us about how to get the best employee, how to motivate him, what processes to set up and everything related to the effective work of the team. If you work from home, then tell us exactly about this, what your workplace looks like, what you like and what not, what your workplace looks like.
Maintaining the author’s column. Share your experience and thoughts in your field of activity: how you looked for investments, how you interviewed, how you recruited people, how you prepare for public speaking, how you started your own business, etc.
Expert comments on certain events. Something happens every day that requires expert explanation. Collect expert opinions on high-profile events and share them with the readers of the information resource.
Future technologies, professions and trends for the coming year. Tell us what marketing tools will be needed in the near future, what will be popular and what skills will be needed for career growth.
Translations. If you have read an interesting foreign article somewhere, this is a good idea. But it is imperative to indicate the source.
Business history. Tell us about the development of the company with a certain emphasis and difficulties: how the idea of ​​the company came about, how to meet the co-founders, how to hire an employee, how the first money was made, etc.
Tell us about your career development and features.
If your company does some research, it’s worth sharing it with your readers. You can also tell the main about important international research.

Before sending materials to our editorial office, the text must be checked for errors and to simplify readability, so that the reader will better remember the information and you. Also, we recommend adding illustrations to the text, giving illustrative examples – use screenshots, videos, direct speech, comparison tables. Any data is supported by personal experience or research results. Be sure to check the relevance of the information provided and do not use outdated data. Add the finished text with illustrations to Google Docs so that the editor can see the appearance of the article as a whole.

Send the finished text to [email protected], the editor will consider the materials and respond within three days.