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U.S. considering alternative long-range missiles for Ukraine instead of ATACMS – Milley

KYIV. April 1 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The United States is considering options for long-range missiles for Ukraine, ATACMS missiles will not be delivered, Army General Mark Milley, Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said.

“From a military standpoint, we have relatively few ATACMS, we do have to make sure that we maintain our own munitions inventories, as well. And the range of the weapon – I think there’s a little bit of overstating of what an ATACMS can do and can’t do. You’re looking at a single shot, so think of a musket versus a repeating rifle. Whereas the GMLRS fires six shots, and ATACMs fires one. Now the range of the ATACMS is longer, but there’s other systems they can get you that range. There’s UAVs, for example, that could do it, and the Brits have a couple of systems. So, those are some things that we’re looking at to give them a little bit more legs. But right now, we’re not providing the ATACMs,” he said.