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At 1000, at Ukraine Crisis Media Center, a press briefing on the topic: "Presentation of the Competitiveness Index of Ukrainian Cities" will start. Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Iryna Novikova, Deputy Director of the USAID Ukraine Economic Development Office – Kim Kim Yee, Research Expert of Info Sapiens Dmytro Savchuk, Executive Director of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting Oksana Kuziakiv. Moderator: Regional Competitiveness Advisor, USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine Arseniy Polozhiy (2 Khreschatyk Street).

At 1400, an international round table on "The Caucasian Trap for Russia" will start. Organizer: International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda (MC PRP). Participants: Doctor of International Relations Levan Antia (Georgia); head of the public organization "Analytical and Information Platform" Gula Ibragimov (Azerbaijan/Ukraine); military correspondent of Baku TV channel, host of the military-political program "Karabakh Chronicle" Fardin Isazade (Azerbaijan); coordinator of the "Information Resistance" project Kostiantyn Mashovets; head of the Georgia Strategic Communications Center, founder of the Information Defense Legion, and former head of the Strategic Communications Department Giorgi Molodini (Georgia); Director of the Civil Defence Fund Stasys Kausinis (Lithuania); Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council in 2019-2021 Serhiy Kryvonos; Director of the Agency for Security Sector Reform, National Security Expert, Major General of the SBU Reserve, Deputy Head of the SBU in 2014-2015 Viktor Yahuney; director of the International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda Yuriy Kochevenko; others (Ukrinform, 8/16 Khmelnytskoho Street, Hall 2). Accreditation of media representatives: [email protected]. Due to quarantine restrictions, the number of places is limited. The event will be broadcast on Ukrinform’s YouTube channel:

At 1600, a live broadcast of the online discussion of the Kyiv Security Forum with the participation of Ukrainian and world politicians, diplomats and experts, will start. The focus of the first discussion in the new season is the results of the meeting of the Presidents of the United States and Ukraine. Among the speakers: Chairman of the Kyiv Forum, Prime Minister in 2014-2016 Arseniy Yatsenyuk; NATO Deputy Secretary General in 2012-2016 Alexander Vershbow; MEP Viola von Cramon-Taubadel; U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst in 2003-2006; journalist Vitaliy Portnikov; Director of the Kyiv Security Forum Danylo Lubkivsky. The discussion will be broadcast from 16.00 to 17.00 on the following resources: YouTube of the Open Ukraine Foundation, Facebook of Arseniy Yatsenyuk; the Forum Facebook and website.

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