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If schools, kindergartens close for lockdown, parents can't work – MP Zhelezniak

KYIV. Sept 14 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The rate of vaccination against coronavirus COVID-19 in Ukraine indicates a likely return to distant learning at schools and kindergartens, chairman of the parliamentary faction Holos Yaroslav Zhelezniak said.

Formally, the Cabinet of Ministers says that with 80% vaccination in the "yellow" zone and 100% vaccination in the "red" zone, schools will be open. However, with the level of vaccination we have in Ukraine now, it is clear that most schools and kindergartens will go to distant learning. That is, all adult workers who have no one to leave their children with, will have to stay at home and not be able to go to work, and this is about the impossibility of earning," Zhelezniak was quoted as saying by the Holos party’s press service.

Zhelezniak also said that last week leader of the Holos Kira Rudyk initiated a resolution – an appeal to the government that the authorities should not interfere with vaccinated Ukrainians to work and earn at the lockdown. The MP said that on the evening of September 13, the Cabinet of Ministers partially adopted changes to the quarantine rules, taking into account the proposals of the Holos.

"If it is impossible to avoid a lockdown, the state must support people who may lose their jobs or their own business due to further restrictions. We suggested that businesses and companies where more than 80% of employees are vaccinated, be able to work under lockdown. We propose that restaurants, cafes, cinemas, hairdressers, gyms or beauty salons do not close, but have the right and opportunity to serve vaccinated customers. The principle ‘open to the vaccinated’ would be extended to cultural and sporting events," he said.