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Chinese Mugin-5 drone shot down by Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas – CNN

KYIV. March 16 (Interfax-Ukraine) – A Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Mugin-5 was shot down by the Ukrainian soldiers in Donetsk region, CNN said.

According to media statement, Ukrainian soldiers brought the journalists to a clearing where they showed the wreckage of a weaponized drone which they said they shot down with their AK-47 automatic weapons over the weekend.

The Mugin-5 drone is made by a Chinese manufacturer based in the port city of Xiamen, on China’s eastern coast.

“Some tech bloggers say the machines are known as ‘Alibaba drones’ as they have been available for sale for up to $15,000 on Chinese marketplace websites including Alibaba and Taobao,” the publication said.

Mugin Limited confirmed to CNN that it was their airframe, calling the incident “deeply unfortunate.”

“We do not condone the usage. We are trying our best to stop it,” a spokesman for Mugin Limited told CNN.

In a previous statement posted on their website on March 2, Mugin Limited said it ” condemns” the use of their products during warfare, and said they ceased selling products to Russia or Ukraine at the start of the war.