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Zelensky: You think you're doing business with Russia, and then missile hits your house

KYIV. May 4 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the West not to have illusions about the stability of relations with Russia.

"They will go further. And those who say today that we have a great relationship and say it’s just an economic relationship… no one has a sense of reality," he said, speaking at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit Tuesday night.

"You feel like you have business with this or that Russian company. It seems to you that they pay money on time. It seems to you that it is a profitable business. You think, until one day you wake up because a missile hits your house. And then all values change. And things are starting to fall apart," he said.

He cited the example of Hungary, which, he said, "shows warm relations with Russia." "Warm relations will turn into very hot relations and will be burned," Zelensky said.