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Zelensky, Biden discuss Ukraine's life support for next decade – MP Sobolev

KYIV. Sept 3 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Presidents of the U.S. and Ukraine Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky discussed issues related to Ukraine’s livelihood for the next decade during talks on Wednesday, deputy head of the Batkivschyna faction Serhiy Sobolev said.

"This meeting is, of course, important, as well as the issues discussed at it – these are actually issues of Ukraine’s livelihood for the next decade. I mean, first of all, energy security, but also military cooperation and investment climate – all together these are the most important issues that concern Ukraine as never before. Also, one of the key issues that will be raised will be the discussion of Russian aggression, the occupied territories, the release of hostages," Sobolev told Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday evening.

He also said that the key to these talks will be whether Zelensky can persuade Biden to return to the policy of sanctions related to the completion of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, not only against Russia, but also against "those who help it actually occupy the main position in the supply of energy resources to Europe and directly to Ukraine."

"Now the U.S. is important to us in their possible pressure on Germany. So, they can no longer put pressure on Russia in any other way, because they have imposed all possible sanctions, but with regard to German companies and those European ones that are completing the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, it would still be possible. Until it is put into operation, all sanctions work," the MP said.

With regard to defense cooperation, in the field of which the U.S. and Ukraine have concluded agreements, Sobolev is convinced that in this matter it is important that "these are not only figures on how many millions, hundreds of millions of dollars will be provided, but also what exactly the aid will be."

"If this is the aid in the form of first aid kits, then I think that a billion of such aid will not be as useful as we would like. If it is aid related to lethal weapons, so that it really improves Ukraine’s ability to defend itself, then this is a serious breakthrough in the negotiations," he said.

At the same time, in his opinion, the real results should be expected not so much from the presidential talks themselves, but as a result of "those actions that will actually be their continuation."

In addition, the deputy head of the Batkivschyna faction says that an important result of this meeting of presidents may be whether the U.S. will provide guarantees to Ukraine regarding potential NATO membership.