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Yerevan police detain 49 opposition protesters

YEREVAN. May 5 (Interfax) – Armenian police detained 49 protesters blocking Yerevan streets in the course of the opposition’s civil disobedience campaign on Thursday.

"Forty-nine persons have been detained," Armenian police told Interfax.

The civil disobedience campaign continued on Thursday morning, and the protesters blocked traffic on central avenues and streets of Yerevan.

Parliament Deputy Speaker, Dashnaktsutyun party member Ishkhan Saghatelyan said at a thousand-strong opposition march on Wednesday that Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan "will tender his resignation." "Our deputies have demanded Pashinyan’s resignation in parliament. Now it is our turn. There will be no roads closed to us. Pashinyan has been hiding behind enhanced police cordons but that can’t save him – he will tender his resignation," Saghatelyan said.

Anti-governmental protests, marches and rallies, organized by the parliamentary opposition and various opposition groups have been held in Yerevan on a daily basis since April 17. The new outbreak of protests began in Armenia after Pashinyan told the parliament on April 14 about the demand "to lower the bar in the discussion of the Karabakh status" and the need to sign a peace agreement with Azerbaijan. The opposition announced the beginning of open-ended protests and demanded Pashinyan’s resignation.