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We do not need reforms for sake of reforms, IMF or U.S., we need reforms for sake of Ukrainians, so that everyone can earn more – Rudyk

KYIV. Sept 14 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Leader of the Holos party Kira Rudyk says that in Ukraine each new government does not have a strategy for overcoming the crisis, and now is the time to decide on priorities and act consistently.

"The basic problem of the state is economic weakness. Despite the fact that Ukraine can count on the leadership of Central Europe in terms of natural and human resources, we have one of the weakest economies. Most state institutions remain Soviet and the economy is controlled by a number of oligarchs. That is why tens of thousands of people simply leave the country every year. The State Statistics Service estimates the number of migrant workers at 1.3 million, and experts estimate it at two to four million. In the last ten years alone, there have been 70% fewer young scientists in the country – and this is a catastrophe," the press service of the party quotes the MP as saying.

Rudyk said that since 2009 the economy has actually "stood still," and the catastrophic 2014-2015 were a severe blow, but the state did nothing to ensure an economic breakthrough.

The political force believes that the country’s economic success over the past 20 years is only in three sectors: agriculture, IT and services, and the technology industry is "virtually dead."

"The state must focus on creating the conditions for everyone to earn money, to realize themselves, to plan the future of their children in Ukraine without fear for their lives and opportunities. We do not need reforms for reforms, we do not need reforms for the IMF or the U.S. We need reforms for the sake of Ukrainians – so that everyone can earn more, feel safe and have all the opportunities for self-realization. So, with many steps we are 20-30 years late […] The main thing we must do is to set priorities," Rudyk said.

She is convinced that the foundation of the state’s development is three systemic steps: leveling the oligarchic influence on the economy; reduction of tax and bureaucratic pressure on those who earn – employees and entrepreneurs; budget prioritization -the state should spend money on what gives long-term results – education, science and energy saving.

The political force said that the Holos has already submitted an anti-oligarchic package that can eradicate the oligarchs’ influence on the economy, and the team has proposed reducing labor taxes from 41.5% to 35%, which will bring a significant part of salaries out of the shadows.

The Holos is also convinced that part of the money from the IMF and the overfulfillment of the customs plan should be used to support companies and their employees suffering from the effects of the pandemic.

"We understand that the success of the state lies in developing an innovative economy and stimulating the personal initiative of citizens who create businesses, earn money, build the economy. That is why we are talk about a liberal way again – to do everything to simplify people’s lives and business. As a society, we have many tasks – to defeat Russia and liberate the occupied territories, to build a dynamic modern economy, to make the country comfortable for Ukrainians, to become part of the Euro-Atlantic family. And it requires us to really focus on the main thing and work hard. And now is the time to decide on priorities," Rudyk said.