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URCS volunteers help residents of Khmelnytsky suffered from Russian missile attack

KYIV. Feb 20 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Volunteers of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) promptly provide assistance to residents affected by a missile attack of the Russian Federation.

As URCS reported on its Facebook page, last Saturday in Khmelnytsky was no exception.

“At about 9 am, after a series of explosions, a rapid response unit of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society promptly left for the site of the consequences of missile strikes,” the URCS said.

Volunteers set up a help center near the residential building most affected by the missile attack. They provided first aid to victims with shrapnel wounds, and provided psychosocial support to children. At the help point, one could drink hot tea and have a snack.

URCS also said that volunteers of the Khmelnitsky regional organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society regularly meet evacuated citizens at the railway station. On Saturday, another evacuation train from Kherson arrived in Khmelnytsky.