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Ukrhydroenergo plans to start exporting electricity to Poland, buys 1 MW section on May 7

KYIV. May 6 (Interfax-Ukraine) – PrJSC Ukrhydroenergo bought 1 MW on a flat schedule at a daily auction of NPC Ukrenergo for the distribution of interstate section capacity for exporting electricity to Poland on May 7.

According to the results of the auction, the ceiling price for a section was 1 UAH/MWh.

Another 62 MW out of 63 MW offered as of May 7 at the same price was bought by DTEK Zakhidenergo, which was the only exporter of 190-210 MWh of the resource on the last day of March and all of April, after Ukrenergo resumed auctions towards Poland at the end of March. The only exception was on March 30, when a cross section of 210 MW was bought out by D.Trading LLC.

According to the ENTSO-E website, in May, electricity exports to Poland began on the fourth day – mainly 210 MW hourly, with the exception of the first three hours of the day, when exports came at a capacity of 70-190 MW. On May 5 and May 6, exports are planned on a flat schedule of 210 MWh.

For May, Ukrenergo, after a break related to the process of synchronizing the European and Ukrainian power systems, held a monthly auction for export to Poland, as a result of which DTEK Zakhidenergo bought 147 MW of distributed capacity, with the exception of the first three days of the month, when the cross-sectional capacity was 0 MW.

Another 63 MW was bought by DTEK Zakhidenergo at daily auctions.