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Ukrenergo wants to restore all facilities needed for operation of power system by next autumn-winter period

KYIV. March 2 (Interfax-Ukraine) – NPC Ukrenergo, as the transmission system operator, is faced with the task of restoring the operation of all necessary facilities so that the power system ensures the reliability of electricity supply without the need to limit consumption, member of the board, director for operation and development of the Ukrenergo network, Oleksiy Brekht, said.

“Our task is to ensure the functionality of almost all objects destroyed (by the war) by the beginning of the next heating season… We have appropriate plans, understanding and vision of the development of the situation. I am absolutely sure that if there is no additional damage to our facilities, next winter we will we will enter with a normal substation operation scheme, excluding the need for forced restriction of consumers,” he told reporters at one of the Ukrenergo substations.

At the same time, Brekht reported on a detailed analysis of the amount of necessary renewable work, which does not involve the restoration of the absolute entire equipment.

“This does not mean that we will restore everything that was before the war, because we see that in the current conditions it is possible to ensure the reliability of energy supply with a smaller amount of equipment. It is in this way, taking into account a fairly detailed analysis and determination of the volume of restoration, that we have built our work today,” the power engineer said.

Brekht also announced that Ukrenergo has plans, in particular, by August-September of this year, to resume full-fledged operation of a high-voltage substation (750 kV), which provides power to more than 6 million consumers in several cities in one of the densely populated regions of the country.

“Because of the attacks, we lost the operation of extremely important technological installations of the substation itself. As far as possible, everything was restored, and this work allows us to operate two switchgears. But I think that over the next few months, given the situation that we will have during the execution of work, the facility must be restored in order to fully operate,” the director for operation and development of networks described the situation.

According to him, after a series of missile and drone attacks by the enemy, “in the main part, everything has been restored and works exactly as it should, so as not to allow any surprises and deviations from the normal regime schemes.”

At the same time, Brekht noted that such a scheme is incomplete and not reliable enough, but it allows successfully overcoming and completing the heating season and preparing well for the next one.

According to him, Ukrenergo is provided with everything necessary, it receives a large amount of humanitarian assistance so that the work of this facility can be resumed in the shortest possible time.