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Ukrenergo to set Burshtyn TPP to work in IPS if shortage of electricity recorded to avoid imports from Russia, Belarus – manager

KYIV. Oct 13 (Interfax-Ukraine) – NPC Ukrenergo plans to set Burshtyn TPP to work in the Integrated Power System (IPS) in the event of a shortage of electricity to avoid its import from the Russian Federation and Belarus, Head of the company Volodymyr Kudrytsky has said.

"We will set the power units of Burshtyn TPP to work in the IPS of Ukraine in the event of a shortage in electricity, which cannot be covered, for example, by power generated by Ukrhydroenergo and other TPPs. We will definitely do this in such a situation, as we did before," he said on the sidelines of the Ukraine-ENTSO-E conference: one step away from energy independence held in Kyiv.

"Yes, this is also in order not to take Russian imports," he said, commenting on the question of whether such intentions are connected with the desire to avoid imports of electricity from Russia and Belarus.

The day before the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NEURC) raised price caps in the trade zone of Burshtyn TPP, indicating that this, in particular, will create incentives for importing electricity from Europe, where the prices are higher, and will allow Burshtyn TPP to be re-set to work in the IPS.

At the same time, the head of Ukrenergo drew attention to the fact that the system operator also intends to apply for emergency assistance to the countries that are not members of the European Energy Community, which are the Russian Federation and Belarus, only in case of emergency.

"Now we cannot import. We will ask for emergency assistance as the last thing," the head of Ukrenergo said.

As for the prospect of a further ban on electricity imports from the Russian Federation and Belarus, which expires on November 1, then, according to him, this decision will still be discussed with the regulator and the Ministry of Energy.

"We will discuss all these decisions with the regulator, the ministry. We will look at the dynamics of coal accumulation, the accident rate of thermal power plants. It is too early to talk about this. This decision has not yet been made," he said.