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Ukrainians import over 29,000 cars in almost month of 'zero' customs clearance

KYIV. May 4 (Interfax-Ukraine) – For almost a month of "zero customs clearance" of imported cars, Ukrainians imported 29,195 cars, including more than half of them (16,793) – cars worth up to UAH 100,000.

Such statistics of the State Customs Service were published by MP Olena Shkrum on her Facebook page, refuting "the spread of myths about the mass importation of elite foreign cars."

According to the above statistics, another 11,406 cars are cars worth from UAH 100,000 to UAH 500,000, 760 units – from UAH 500,000 to UAH 1 million, 196 cars – from UAH 1 million to UAH 2 million, and only 40 units – more than UAH 2 million (Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, AUDI, LEXUS, BMW).

"During the month, Ukrainians brought in a really large number of cars, but 65-70% of them all are modest, inexpensive, old cars, the overwhelming majority go to the army or the needs of the territorial defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Of these, there is also a percentage that goes to families. People buy $3,000 worth cars definitely not from a good life, but in order to have the physical ability to move around during the war," the MP comments on the statistics.

According to her, the import of about 1,000 cars worth more than UAH 500,000, i.е. good cars "for themselves, not for the army" is not a catastrophic indicator, but she believes that such cars could be taxed, which, "for example, the tax will go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

Shkrum agreed with the need to unload queues on the border to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and vehicles for the army, but expressed opinion that "all vehicles up to UAH 100,000 (or even UAH 200,000) should continue to be imported without paying taxes, or at least without increased excise duty.

"In general, it was necessary to establish in the first-priority a law on limiting "zero" customs clearance by value. And at a normal cost, customs clearance of everything that is more expensive than UAH 200,000, except for pickup trucks for the army. These are the norms I will demand, and I will submit the appropriate amendments," the MP wrote.

As reported, in early April, the parliament exempted imported vehicles from paying VAT, excise and import duties, in particular, with the aim of their quick delivery for the army, territorial defense, humanitarian and military needs.