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Ukrainian Prosecutor General: After receiving ICC order warrant for Putin, measures being taken to search for detain suspect

KYIV. March 17 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Kostin explained the procedure for actions after Russian President Vladimir Putin received the status of a suspect in the illegal deportation and displacement of Ukrainian children: measures will be taken to search and detain.

“First of all, after receiving a warrant from the judicial chamber of pretrial proceedings, measures are taken to search for and detain suspects. To do this, the International Criminal Court (ICC) appeals to the States Parties to the Rome Statute with a request to detain and transfer a person to the ICC,” Kostin said on air national telethon.

According to the Prosecutor General, a State Party that has received such a request “is taking steps without delay to arrest the person concerned.”

“The ICC can also take advantage of Interpol’s opportunities. In case of detention and transfer of a person to court or after a voluntary appearance in court, the pretrial chamber holds hearings to confirm the charge. These hearings can be held even in the absence of the suspect,” the Ukrainian Prosecutor General said.