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Ukrainian political prisoner Ivan Yatskin goes on hunger strike – attorney

KYIV. Dec 1 (Interfax-Ukraine) – A citizen of Ukraine, Crimean Ivan Yatskin, illegally sentenced by the Russian occupation authorities to 11 years in prison, has declared a hunger strike, his attorney Mykola Polozov said.

"Ukrainian political prisoner Ivan Yatskin is still at the stage. From Krasnodar territory, he was transported to the notorious Saratov region for torturing prisoners. Specifically, in detention facility No.1 in Saratov. At the stage, provocations are systematically carried out against him. For the fact that Ivan Yatskin did not allow in his presence offensive statements against the Ukrainian nation and Ukraine by the Federal Penitentiary Service officers, he was subjected to harassment," he said on Facebook.

According to the attorney, all medicines were taken away from Yatskin, and the only bag for storing personal belongings was torn during the search. In addition, the Ukrainian was banned from using the kiosk and buying water there, and the water in the cell is not suitable for consumption.

"His state of health and applications for medical care are completely ignored. According to the latest information from him (there is practically no connection), Ivan Yatskin went on a hunger strike. Given his health condition, this can be very dangerous. But as he asked to convey, he does not see any other way out," Polozov said.

In turn, the authorized person of Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova said that Yatskin suffers from a chronic disease of the legs: inflammation of the blood vessels led to the formation of trophic ulcers, as a result of which suppuration occurs.

"I appeal to the human rights ombudsman in Russia, Tatyana Moskalkova, with a demand to provide Ukrainian citizen Ivan Yatskin with proper conditions of detention in accordance with international standards," Denisova said on Facebook.

Ivan Yatskin was detained in Simferopol in October 2019.