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Ukrainian delegation intends to appeal against powers of Russian representatives in PACE in year – MP Kravchuk

KYIV. Jan 27 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Permanent Delegation of Ukrainian Parliament to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) intends to re-initiate an appeal against the powers of the Russian delegation in January 2023, Deputy Member of the Permanent Delegation of the Ukrainian Parliament to PACE Yevhenia Kravchuk said.

“We will continue to appeal the powers of the Russian delegation, but it will be in January next year, that is, in a year,” Kravchuk told Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday evening.

She said that on January 26, some 97 PACE members supported the Russian delegation’s confirmation, and 41 voted against the decision, a result higher than last year, therefore, “understanding that Russia does not share the values ​​of the Council of Europe, so it should not have a place in the Assembly, is growing.”

“But this is still not enough. And so far there are more arguments that there should be a dialogue and the delegates should hear critical thoughts about Russia,” the politician said.

In addition, Kravchuk said that the Resolution voted in PACE also includes amendments from the Ukrainian delegation and representatives of the Baltic states, the main of which concerns Russia’s recommendation to withdraw troops from the border with Ukraine immediately.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has reportedly ratified the powers of the Russian delegation, which Ukraine has challenged.