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Ukraine's integration into EU should be successful for our common security – French Secretary of State for European Affairs

KYIV. March 11 (Interfax-Ukraine) – French Secretary of State for European Affairs Laurence Boone said Ukraine’s integration into the European Union should be successful as long as common security depends on this.

“Today, the integration of Ukraine into the EU should be a success, this is for our common security. There has never been such an agenda in the process of integration. The Ukrainian government is making great efforts to implement the recommendations under the accession process,” she said at the Ukraine-France forum on Friday.

Boone also noted Ukraine’s huge work on the elimination of corruption.

She underlined that there is no European model without democracy, which “makes us different from some of our neighbors.”

Security, economy, trade, and a sense of belonging should be the main components of Ukraine’s integration into the EU, the Secretary of State said.

“We should have worked on this faster before, however, we still can do this today,” she said.