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Ukraine would like to see more principled position on Nord Stream 2 in German coalition agreement – Kuleba

KYIV. Nov 25 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukraine would like to see a clearer and more principled position on Nord Stream 2 in the German coalition agreement, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.

"I appreciate the parts of the coalition agreement that are dedicated to Ukraine and Russia, very clear formulations about Russia. But we understand that a coalition agreement is always a certain compromise and will continue to work with German partners, the new German government on Nord Stream 2," Kuleba said at an online briefing on Thursday.

The minister also said that he spoke with the possible new German foreign minister, Annalena Berbock, when she was still a candidate for the post of chancellor, before the elections.

"I will be happy to continue communication and relations either with her or with any other head of the German Foreign Ministry," Kuleba said.

He also said that Ukraine does not expect any radical changes and adjustments in German foreign policy towards Ukraine, and the coalition agreement confirms this.

"It says there that Germany will support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and this is very important, we worked very hard with German partners on this, so that the text of the coalition agreement confirms support for Ukraine’s European aspirations," Kuleba said.

In addition, the minister said that Ukraine’s position regarding the possibility of supplying weapons from Germany to Ukraine remains unchanged, and it sees no obstacles to the supply of weapons and strengthening the defense capability of Ukraine with any state in the world.

"There are no legal, political or moral restrictions for this. We will communicate with the new German government about this," Kuleba said.