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Ukraine offers Finland assistance in replacing Rosatom with another supplier of nuclear fuel – regulator

KYIV. Feb 16 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Acting Chairman of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine and Chief State Inspector for Nuclear and Radiation Safety Oleh Korikov offered Head of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Petteri Tiippana support for Finland’s efforts to replace Rosatom with another friendly supplier of nuclear fuel at nuclear power plants.

“Oleh Korikov informed Petteri Tiippana about the status of introduction of Westinghouse alternative nuclear fuel at the VVER-440 power units of the Rivne NPP and offered support in Finland’s efforts to transfer nuclear fuel supplies from TVEL (part of Rosatom) to a friendly supplier,” the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate reported on Thursday.

The meeting between Korikov and Tiippana took place during the International Conference on Effective Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Systems: Preparing for the Future in a Rapidly Changing Environment, which is held by the IAEA from February 12 to February 17, 2023.

“An important stage in the bilateral cooperation between the regulatory authorities of Ukraine and Finland (STUK) was the signing by their leaders of a joint statement on the creation of the Finnish-Ukrainian cooperation on nuclear and radiation safety project,” the inspectorate noted.

During the meeting, it was also stated that Ukraine, with the start of a full-scale invasion of Russia, is experiencing constant strong partner support from Finland, the inspectorate added.

“Ukraine highly appreciates that it was Finland that was the first of the countries to refuse to continue the implementation of a project for construction of a nuclear power plant in Finland (Hanhikivi-1) under a Russian project,” the inspectorate stressed.

Finland currently operates two nuclear power plants, Loviisa and Olkiluoto, with a total capacity of 2.7 GW. Two Soviet-made VVER-440 reactors have been installed at the Loviisa NPP.