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Ukraine manages to postpone peak of COVID-19 incidence due to norm on mandatory self-isolation for those returning from Russia – chief sanitary doctor

KYIV. Nov 26 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukraine managed to postpone the peak in the incidence of COVID-19 by introducing a norm on mandatory self-isolation for those returning from the Russian Federation, Chief Sanitary Doctor Ihor Kuzin has said.

"It was due to the introduction of such a norm that we managed to delay the onset of the peak of incidence compared to the European peak, which occurred earlier than ours. The content of this norm is that any person who has been on the territory of the Russian Federation for seven days is subject to mandatory self-isolation, which is controlled through the Vdoma application, and isolation cannot be terminated early, even if this person passes at least 10 PCR tests," he said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

At the same time, Kuzin noted that more covid beds are being added in hospitals in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, since these regions were not fully involved in the spring wave and in the spring the bed capacity was not mobilized in full.