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Ukraine in Jan cuts steel production by 85% compared to Jan 2022, ranking 34th in Worldsteel rating

KYIV. Feb 23 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine in January of this year reduced steel production by 84.7% compared to the same period in 2022, to 284,000 tonnes, from 1.851 in January 2022, but increased steel production compared to December 2022, when 106,000 tonnes were smelted.

At the same time, Ukraine took 34th place in the ranking of 64 countries – the world’s main producers of these products, compiled by the World Association of Steel Manufacturers (Worldsteel).

According to Worldsteel data, in January 2023, a decrease in steel production was recorded compared with January 2022 in most countries of the top ten, except for China and Iran.

The top ten steel-producing countries in January are as follows: China (79.450 million tonnes, an increase of 2.3% compared to January 2022), India (10.930 million tonnes, a decrease of 0.2%), Japan (7.222 million tonnes, 6.9% less), the United States (6.497 million tonnes, less by 6.8%), the Russian Federation (5.750 million tonnes, 8.9% less), South Korea (5.477 million tonnes, 9.8% less), Germany (2.925 million tonnes, minus 10.2%), Brazil (2.783 million tonnes, 4.9% less), Iran (2.7 million tonnes, an increase of 27.7%) and Turkey (2.605 million tonnes, 17.6% less).

According to the results of January, Ukraine is in 38th position with 106,000 tonnes of steel (down by 93.9% by December 2021). At the same time, in November 2022, the country produced 313,000 tonnes of steel, in October – 318,000 tonnes of steel, in September – 340,000 tonnes, in August – 366,000 tonnes of steel, in July – 281,000 tonnes of steel, in June – 295,000 tonnes, in May – 308,000 tonnes, in April – 281,000 tonnes, in March – 200,000 tonnes, in February – 1.374 million tonnes, in January – 1.851 million tonnes.

In general, in January 2023, steel production in the world fell by 3.3% compared to the same period in 2022, to 145.252 million tonnes.

As reported, according to the results of 2022, Ukraine was in 23rd place with the production of 6.263 million tonnes of steel (70.7% less).

In general, in 2022, 64 countries produced 1.831 billion tonnes of steel, which is 4.3% less than in 2021.