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Ukraine exchanges info with US, British intelligence agencies on accumulation of Russian troops near borders – Reznikov

KYIV. Nov 24 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has announced the exchange of information by the intelligence agencies of Ukraine, Great Britain and the United States and received the same conclusions about the accumulation of Russian troops near Ukraine’s borders, the website of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has reported.

"I had two important meetings: with Defense Minister of the UK Ben Wallace and the United States’ Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. We had serious conversations, where we clearly compared the factual information received by our intelligence agencies and theirs. We made an exchange of information between our intelligence agencies – the conclusions are the same. We understand the risk," Reznikov said during a working trip to the 235th cross-branch training center for units and subunits Shyroky Lan.

According to him, he received very important signals from partners that "we are not left alone."

"They have already begun serious consultations with other EU and NATO member states. The reaction will be very tough – and, as I know, the head of the Kremlin was warned about this directly during the visit of a serious U.S. official to Russia," the Ukrainian Defense Minister emphasized.

According to Reznikov, this is not just another statement of concern or concern. The reactions will be more severe – starting with economic and political sanctions, as well as increasing aid to Ukraine directly with equipment and weapons.

"Representatives of the official Kremlin are constantly looking for an excuse for themselves, referring to alleged violations by Ukraine. They say that we allegedly did not fulfill the Minsk agreements, that they are not at all parties to the Minsk agreements. Recently, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Minsk process is negotiations between Ukraine and the occupation regimes in Donetsk and Luhansk under the moderation of Russia. The protocol and memorandum of the Minsk agreements clearly states that the parties are in the trilateral contact group: the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the OSCE moderator. Therefore, what they demonstrate in public is absolutely not directed at the civilized world," the minister recalled.

According to him, the Russian authorities present information in an interpretation beneficial to their internal audience in order to justify a potential escalation. "They are afraid of rejection by their own society – Russians – aggression and war. If you look at sociological research done in the spring by one of the Russian research centers, the number one for their population is fear of war," Reznikov summed up.