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Ukraine counting on holding Children's Chess Olympiad in coming years – Chess Federation president

KYIV. Nov 25 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukraine will apply to host the Children’s Chess Olympiad in the coming years, President of the Ukraine’s Chess Federation, Viktor Kapustin, has said.

"We will apply for holding a Children’s Chess Olympiad in the coming years, when there is such an opportunity, in about one and a half to two years. And, possibly, for holding some serious adult competitions," Kapustin said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine in Kyiv on Thursday.

He believes that if such competitions are held in Kyiv or another Ukrainian city, the Chess Federation will find mutual understanding both with the relevant ministry and with the local authorities, both in financing and organizational matters.

Kapustin hopes that next year Ukraine will host the European Women’s Rapid Chess Championship.

"Next year we will have the Women’s European Rapid and Blitz Championship. It was postponed several times. During the pandemic, unfortunately, we could not hold it on time. But, probably, next year it will still take place," Kapustin said.

According to Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Matviy Bidny, holding international events in Ukraine is one of the current priorities of the department.

"We will support all the initiatives of the Federation," Bidny said.

Kapustin said the recent victory of the Ukrainian men’s team at the European Chess Championship is a unique achievement.

"Ukrainian chess players lacked only one title – the European champion, all other titles had already been won at various tournaments, including chess Olympiads and world championships. And now we have closed this gap. Frankly, the result is absolutely unique and I would say shocking to some extent. Our chess players played 36 games and did not lose a single one," he said.

He is also pleased with the result of the Ukrainian women’s team in this championship.

"The women’s team also played very well. They took fourth place, literally a few millimeters were not enough for them to become the bronze medalist of the European Championship. They played extremely well," he said.