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Ukraine asks USA for cluster bombs to dismantle them, drop anti-tank ammunition contained in them from drones – media

KYIV. March 7 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ukrainian authorities have included cluster bombs in the list of weapons that Kyiv asks from Washington to repel Russian aggression, Reuters said, citing two U.S. lawmakers.

It is noted that in the event of receiving the specified weapons, Ukraine plans to dismantle the bombs and drop the anti-tank ammunition contained in them from unmanned aerial vehicles on the Russian occupiers.

“Kyiv has urged members of Congress to press the White House to approve sending the weapons but it is by no means certain that the Biden administration will sign off on that,” the journalists said.

They said Ukraine hopes the cluster munitions will give it an advantage in a grueling fight against Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.

It is specified that Kyiv wants to receive MK-20 cluster shells from the United States. The Ukrainian military believes that the submunitions of these projectiles “have better armour-piercing capability” than weapons that are currently being used to drop from drones.

Journalists said with the help of these weapons, Ukraine plans to stop the “live waves” of Russian invaders attacking the positions of the Ukrainian army, including in Bahmut.

The production, use and stockpiling of cluster munitions is prohibited by the pact in 2008, which was joined by 123 countries of the world, including most NATO member countries. At the same time, the United States, Russia and Ukraine did not join this pact.