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UK hands over another batch of mobile power generators to Ukraine

KYIV. May 4 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The UK is handing over another batch of mobile power generators to Ukraine, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko and British Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said on their Twitter pages on Wednesday.

"Thanks to mobile generators we will ensure a stable power supply to important facilities, despite yet more damages caused by Russian shellings," Haluschenko wrote.

"More mobile generators heading to Ukraine. The UK is donating 570 generators to ensure hospitals, phone masts, shelters and water pumping stations can continue to operate in the face of continued Russian attack," Kwasi Kwarteng said on Twitter.

The UK handed over the first part of the 570 generators – almost 200 – to Ukraine in April. They already serve as backup power sources for reliable power supply to various social and infrastructure facilities in case of damage to electrical equipment and networks.