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Tymoshenko: Ukrainians will never support ‘peace’ agreement providing for surrender of territories

KYIV. Aug 15 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Leader of the Batkivschyna party Yulia Tymoshenko calls Ukraine’s victory on the battlefield the only realistic way to peace, the website of the political force said on Monday.

"For me, there are three components of victory. The first is to create the necessary conditions in terms of arms supplies, in the accumulation of a critical mass of weapons, which will allow a large–scale counteroffensive to begin this autumn. The second is to return all the territories occupied by the Russians. The third is to destroy Putin’s regime in Russia as a result of his resounding defeat on the battlefield in Ukraine," Tymoshenko said in an interview with the Portuguese edition of Sol.

In her opinion, a diplomatic way to end the war is not yet possible: the aggressor puts forward unrealistic conditions for a "peaceful" agreement, such as the renunciation of the occupied territories of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea, the disarmament of the Ukrainian army and the guarantee of non-entry into any collective defense organization.

"No Ukrainian – from children to pensioners, from doctors to the military – will ever agree to such conditions. This would be the path not to peace, but to a new war in a year or two only because of the weakening of Ukraine. The most cynical part of their conditions, apparently, is that Ukraine recognizes Russia as one of the guarantors of Ukraine’s future security," the Batkivschyna leader stressed.

The politician urged Western leaders not to rely on such conditions and to understand that the signing of such a "peace agreement" would be "a prelude to the next wave of conflict." "The only realistic way to peace is Ukraine’s victory on the battlefield," Tymoshenko summed up.