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Turkey continues to negotiate extension of 'grain initiative' under agreements, considering parties' requirements – Defense Ministry

KYIV. March 14 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and the competent government agencies continue to negotiate with their counterparts for further action on the “grain initiative” and the extension of its validity in accordance with the agreements, taking into account the requirements of the parties, the Turkish Defense Ministry said.

“At the talks held on March 13 in Geneva in UN coordination between the delegations of the UN, Russia and Ukraine, Russia stated that it would support the extension of the agreement for 60 days and was in favor of extending the agreement for a longer period if sufficient progress in order to promote exports to the international markets of food products and fertilizers of Russia,” the agency said in the statement on its website.

Turkey said that it highly appreciates the steps taken by the parties to continue the initiative.

“At the same time, by order of our Mr. President, our Mr. Minister and the competent public agency continue to negotiate and coordinate with their counter-partners for further actions on the grain initiative, which were previously successfully coordinated, and the extension of its validity in accordance with the agreements, taking into account the requirements of the parties,” the agency said in the statement.

Turkey said during the said talks, they remind the parties of the importance of continuing the initiative, which “has a positive impact on humanity on a global scale and has proven that all crises can be resolved through dialogue and goodwill.”

“The Republic of Turkey will continue in the future, as today, to do everything that depends on it to ensure peace in the region and humanitarian assistance,” the ministry said.

The Defense Ministry said the country noted that Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and the UN, within the Document on the Black Sea Grain Initiative, signed on July 22, 2022, as of today, have already ensured the shipment of 24 million tonnes of grain from Ukrainian ports.

Продление действия Черноморской зерновой инициативы, согласно которой украинское зерно поставляется из порта “Одесса”, обсуждалось 8 марта на встрече президента Украины Владимира Зеленского и генерального секретаря ООН Антонио Гутерриша.

Пока ее действие согласовано до 18 марта 2023 года. РФ неоднократно настаивала на разблокировании в рамках инициативы экспорта ее минеральных удобрений.