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There are two Russia's surface vessels, one submarine with total salvo of 20 missiles in Black Sea – task force

KYIV. March 13 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Russian forces continue to increase the presence of launch vehicles in the Black Sea: in addition to two surface vessels, a submarine has been withdrawn, a total salvo of up to 20 missiles, the Pivden (South) task force has said.

“As of 11:30, the enemy continues to build up the presence of missile carriers in the Black Sea. An additional submarine has been withdrawn. The total salvo is up to 20 missiles,” the task force said on Facebook on Monday.

In addition, there is an increased activity of enemy tactical aviation in the eastern direction and over the waters of the Sea of Azov. The activity of enemy reconnaissance UAVs is not ruled out, the task force said.

“The threat of a missile attack is extremely high,” the task force said.