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The European Youth Parliament invited a russian woman to be the head coach of the event. How did the Ukrainians and not only react to it. (updated)

What caused the resonance?


The European Youth Parliament is positioned as a neutral non-profit organization that encourages European youth to actively participate in public and cultural life. Recently, the organization published a post on Instagram.


We are excited to announce that the Training for EYP Trainers (T4ET) 2022, will be led by Vladislava Kachurova 🇷🇺  as the event Head Trainer!!
💡 With Vladislava onboard, we are looking to expand our teams and we are excited to open the calls for Trainers and Trainees to join us in Turkey in late November!
🔎 You can find more information about the network's longest-running capacity-building event, the call for trainers (deadline: August, 28th), as well as the call for trainees (deadline: August, 31st) in our bio.


The Ukrainian participants did not take long to react to this statement, dissatisfied with the fact that a citizen of the aggressor country will be the head coach at the event for the Europeans, while peaceful Ukrainian cities are suffering from Russian missiles. Representatives of the organization from other countries also expressed their opinion. A lot of people, in the comments, are upset about this state of affairs.

The owner of the post, eyp_network (European Youth Parliament), reacted as follows:


The EYP continues to strongly condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine and stands in solidarity with all those affected by the war, as expressed in the network's statement, which can be found through

Vladislava is an individual member of EYP who stands behind our values and we believe people should be seen as individuals and not judged based on their origin. We advocate activism for peace but it cannot go along with putting pressure on young individuals to speak out publicly, especially if they live in states where doing so can lead to punishment.

We are looking forward to continuing discussions about how a peaceful and democratic Europe can be created.

Why is this important?


The European Youth Parliament, let’s remind, is positioned as an apolitical organization, at the same time, this institution promotes European values.

Ukrainian society is trying to isolate Russia due to an unprovoked invasion. Also, Russia violates a significant number of rules of warfare. That is why quite a few members of the European Youth Parliament Ukraine are extremely excited by the invitation to represent European values, a citizen of the aggressor country.