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Syrsky: We realize tactical significance of Bakhmut for enemy, know its plan for other frontline sections, situation is dynamic

KYIV. March 9 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The defense forces of Ukraine continue to defend Bakhmut, the situation is very difficult and dynamic, and each step may drastically change it, Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrsky has said.

“Bakhmut frontline. Defense is the arrangement of actions based on strategy, discipline and trust of the personnel. Its results depend on the intellect and trickery of each commander. We must be able to predict actions of the enemy that prevails in number of personnel,” he said on the Telegram channel.

Syrsky also said that the defense of Bakhmut has been lasting for around ten months, and the defense forces have conducted a number of tactical operations that did not allow the enemy to surround the town.

“However, the situation remains difficult. The Russian forces act using their usual methods, they do not count people. However, the number of soldiers is not a decisive advantage or a key to victory. We understand the tactical meaning of Bakhmut for the enemy and we know its plans on the other sections of the frontline,” the commander said.

According to Syrsky, the situation is dynamic and “every step and decisions can dramatically change it.”

“Every day has the highest value. I am proud of the staff. I appreciate the quickness of thinking of the brigade commanders, next to whom I am. It is an honor!” he said.