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State budget deficit amounts to UAH 14.6 bln in Oct – State Treasury

KYIV. Nov 25 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The state budget deficit in October 2021 amounted to UAH 14.635 billion, while the state budget in January-October posted a deficit of UAH 54.43 billion, according to data from the State Treasury Service of Ukraine.

According to the report, the general fund in October saw a deficit of almost UAH 14.26 billion, while the deficit of the general fund for the ten months amounted to UAH 54.86 billion.

Borrowings last month amounted to almost UAH 43 billion, including external borrowings – almost UAH 20.8 billion. In general, over the ten months, borrowings amounted to almost UAH 413.7 billion, including external – almost UAH 129 billion.

Repayments in October amounted to UAH 34 billion, including UAH 5.4 billion on external liabilities. In general, over the ten months, repayments exceeded UAH 391.7 billion, including for external liabilities – UAH 93.7 billion.

Privatization in January-October brought UAH 2.086 billion with an annual plan of UAH 12 billion, according to the Treasury.

State budget revenues in January-October amounted to UAH 1.019 trillion, including UAH 862 billion in the general fund. State budget expenditures for the ten months amounted to UAH 1.07 trillion, including UAH 921.8 billion in the general fund.

As reported, state budget revenues in 2021 were determined at UAH 1.146 trillion, including UAH 1.021 trillion in the general fund, expenses – UAH 1.458 trillion and UAH 1.245 trillion, respectively.