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Second stage of testing Ukrainian-made women's military uniform to be completed by end of May – Defense Ministry

KYIV. March 29 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Central Directorate for the Development and Maintenance of Material Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine held a meeting with representatives of domestic manufacturers and non-governmental organizations to discuss the results of the first stage of testing new models of women’s uniforms, the press service of the ministry has said.

“The participants were offered options for constructive changes to the current model of the summer field uniform, taking into account the anatomy of the female body, and demonstrated four new samples of the summer uniform. Based on the results of the meeting, it was decided to make a new batch of uniform samples for transfer to units. It is expected that its testing will be completed by the end of May,” it said in the Telegram channel.

In addition, currently, experimental tests of samples of women’s underwear provided by the NGOs Forma Two and Brave Ukraine continue in the army. If these samples receive favorable reviews from the military, the Material Support Directorate will develop an appropriate technical specification for the Defense Ministry by May.

“Today, 41,000 women serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and around 19,000 more are civilians working for the needs of the army. Around 5,000 women are directly involved in hostilities. In addition to comfortable uniforms, we also continue to work to provide our defenders with body armor taking into account the anthropological features. An experimental sample of body armor for women has already been developed, a number of working meetings have been held with representatives of potential manufacturers capable of producing body armor for women. After the technical specification is developed and successful field tests are held, body armor will be supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I hope, soon we will be able to report on positive results,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said.