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SBI informs Prosecutor General's Office of crime, probably committed by MP Leros – press service

KYIV. Sept 14 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The actions of a man, who resembles MP Geo Leros, who receives a package of money in a video released on Monday, may contain signs of a criminal offense.

This is said in the press service of the State Bureau of Investigation, which was published on the website of the department on Monday.

"The video shows a person who looks like MP Geo Leros, who looks for accomplices for a crime for a monetary reward, namely – imitation of attacking himself personally to create the illusion of threats, allegedly for political activities and to discredit public authorities," the message says.

It notes that the video shows a person similar to Geo Leros discussing with the interlocutor a plan to use this situation as an informational occasion for further public speeches.

"In such circumstances, the actions of the said person may be qualified under Part 1 of Article 14 (preparation for a crime) and Part 2 of Article 384 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (misleading court or other authorized body) about which the SBI informed the Prosecutor General’s Office to provide legal assessment and entry of information in the ERDR", law enforcement officers said.

Earlier, a video was published in one of the Ukrainian telegram channels, in which a man, similar to the MP Geo Leros, receives a package allegedly with money. Later, the mentioned video was also published on his Facebook page by MP Yuriy Kamelchuk (Servant of the People faction).