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Sandu says no sign of hostilities' spillover from Ukraine into Moldova

CHISINAU. May 4 (Interfax) – There are no signs of the hostilities’ spillover from Ukraine into Moldova at this point, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said.

"We are not observing signs of an escalation of this conflict at present. Naturally, we are considering various scenarios to maintain stability, peace and security for our citizens," Sandu said in response to journalists’ questions about possible attempts at destabilizing Moldova at a joint press conference with European Council President Charles Michel in Chisinau on Wednesday.

Sandu expressed concern about last week’s explosions in Transdniestria.

"We view these incidents as provocations staged by certain pro-war forces in Transdniestria. Yet we have also heard statements by a Russian general who said it was necessary to make way towards Transdniestria. All of that causes concern. There should be no such statements. Our law enforcement agencies have taken measures to maintain stability and security. They are working on the western bank of the Dniester but are doing their best to keep peace on both the western and eastern banks," Sandu said.

"Moldova stands for the soonest restoration of peace in the region and all of Europe," she said.

"We need to restore peace in our region and throughout the continent. This must be done for everyone’s sake, for the sake of Ukraine that is sacrificing itself to our freedom and the freedom of Europe," Sandu said.

Slightly more than 400,000 refugees have come to Moldova since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, and about 92,000 of them, including over 45,000 children, remain in the Moldovan territory, she said.