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Russian radar plane damaged in Belarus moved to repair facility in Taganrog – UK intelligence

KYIV. March 9 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Russian occupation forces’ radar plane, which was damaged at the Machulishchy air base in Belarus, has been moved to a repair facility in Russia’s Taganrog, the Defense Intelligence said on Twitter of the UK Ministry of Defense on Thursday.

“The transit flight reportedly took place at a lower than usual altitude, likely because of damage to the pressurized cabin,” it said.

The A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft that controls aircraft deployed in Belarus was almost certainly attacked by a small uncrewed air system, the intelligence said.

The aircraft was likely providing situational awareness for MiG-31K fighter aircraft modified to launch Kinzhal air launched ballistic missile which Russia sees as a key strategic capability.

“It is a realistic possibility that joint Russo-Belarusian air activity will now be forced to rely on ground control and fighter escort until another MAINSTAY [A-50 aircraft] can be deployed,” the intelligence said.