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Russian invasion already inflicts UAH 13.2 bln on Ukraine's forest industry – Head of State Forest Agency

KYIV. May 5 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The invasion of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation into Ukraine has already caused UAH 13.2 billion of losses to the state-owned forestry enterprises and forest ecosystems of the country, 17 forestry workers were killed, 20 were injured.

As Yuriy Bolohovets, Head of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine, wrote on Facebook on Thursday, the war caused $135 million in direct damage to forest ecosystems and $53.6 million in indirect damage to forest ecosystems. Forest ecosystem services could potentially lose $185 million. Funds to return forest ecosystems to safe economic activities (mine clearance, clearing of military equipment, etc.) could amount to $5.0 million.

In addition, the Russian occupiers destroyed the real estate of forestry enterprises valued at $30.5 million (damaged for $21.5 million), movable property for $10.5 million (damaged for $3.5 million). Office property worth $3.5 million was also destroyed, devices and mechanisms worth $4.5 million were damaged.

"About 5,500 foresters joined the ranks of the Armed Forces and other paramilitary units of Ukraine. Unfortunately, 17 of our workers have been killed during the war, 20 have been injured," Bolohovets said.

According to him, since the beginning of hostilities, the enterprises of the State Forest Agency have transferred 32 real estate objects and 521 vehicles for the needs of the army.

"But we continue to be further result-oriented. We have many challenges to overcome. The main thing is to support the country’s economy, which we are now actively working on," Bolokhovets said.