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Russia increases intervals between missile strikes to accumulate new missiles – British intelligence

KYIV. March 10 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The conduct by the Russian occupiers of a massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine three weeks after the previous one may be explained by the need to wait for missile supplies from manufacturers, according to a defense intelligence report published on Twitter by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Friday.

“The interval between waves of strikes is probably growing because Russia now needs to stockpile a critical mass of newly produced missiles directly from industry,” the report reads.

The British intelligence service notes that on March 9, the Russian Federation inflicted at least 80 long-range strikes on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine using cruise missiles, air defense missiles of ground-to-ground type, Iranian-made attack drones, unmanned aerial vehicles and an unusually large number of hypersonic air-based ballistic missiles. “This was the first major wave of long-range strikes since 16 February 2023 and likely one of the largest since December 2022. Ukrainian officials reported at least 11 civilians killed,” the report reads.