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Russia cannot, should not win war against Ukraine – Macron

KYIV. Feb 17 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Only Russia is responsible for the aggression it has launched against Ukraine, Russia cannot and should not win this war, French President Emmanuel Macron said.

“Russia has decided to strike civilian infrastructure and commit war crimes. Russia cannot and must not win this war. The Russian attack must end in defeat,” Macron said, speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

He said this is “not only a European war – it is a war that concerns the whole world.”

Macron also said the war in Ukraine has devastating consequences, and only the Russian Federation is responsible for the current crisis, including the food crisis.

“There is one aggressor and one country that has been attacked. This is clear,” the French President said.

He said almost a year has passed since the beginning of the “catastrophic war” launched by Russia in Ukraine. Macron also listed a number of Russian defeats on the battlefield, before the Russians’ belief that “Kyiv will fall in two days,” but the courage of the Ukrainian people ruined these plans.

The French President said Russia is also undermining the world order in Africa and the Caucasus with the help of Wagner PMC.

“A year ago, I talked with Putin and almost believed him, as far as PMC Wagner was concerned, that they did not belong to him. And now they have officially entered the Russian army, and this is a direct instrument of the Russian Federation for committing crimes and sowing chaos,” Macron said.

He said Russia is doomed to “defeat in the future” because Russian aggression has strengthened Ukraine as a country and forced Finland and Sweden to apply for NATO membership.