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Rosatom against politicization of nuclear energy – Rosatom CEO

MOSCOW. Oct 13 (Interfax) – The state corporation Rosatom is against politicization in the nuclear energy sector.

Excessive politicization of some processes has led to political decisions on giving up the use of nuclear energy in some countries, Rosatom CEO Alexey Likhachev said.

"I am certain that nuclear energy should, of course, increase in the differentiated energy balance in the world in general, not because we want it, but because it’s right, it’s useful for humanity. This 15%, and just recently 18% of the global nuclear energy generation will, of course, comprise traditionally high current capacities, thermal reactors, fast-neuron reactors, there will be two-component nuclear energy, there will be small plants, just to prevent the world’s nuclear energy sector from being deterred by political decisions. Unfair competition, pressure exerted on some countries in decisions on the development of nuclear energy, the form of its development, partnerships," he said at the Russian Energy Week 2021 on Wednesday.

"We are absolutely not afraid of competition, and, being a leading corporation in the volumes of construction and the quality of reactors of the current generation, we are already doing substantive work on the fourth one, which will give a totally different level of security and a closed-end fuel cycle. We are ready for competition only on one condition: that it should be fair, transparent, that it should not be politicized," Likhachev said.