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Reznikov: We guarantee life and safety to Russian military who refuse to fight, we’ll achieve tribunal for those who give criminal orders

KYIV. Oct 7 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov has appealed to the Russian servicemen and urged them to immediately lay down their arms under guarantees of preserving their lives and safety.

"We guarantee life, security and justice to everyone who refuses to fight immediately. And we will get a tribunal for those who gave criminal orders. You can still save Russia from tragedy, and the Russian army from humiliation," Reznikov said in a video message released on Friday morning, noting that his words were primarily addressed to Russian officers and command.

"Your paratroopers are now dying on the right bank of Dnipro. They know their job. But someone in the Kremlin decided to send them to certain death. Why is this happening? It’s very simple: you were deceived and betrayed … You pay with blood for someone’s fantasies and false goals. Now they don’t listen to you. Because listening to you now means admitting mistakes. And in Moscow they don’t like the truth. It is easier for them to tell how you heroically died in the battle with the fictional hordes of NATO. NATO countries supply us with weapons. It’s true. But Ukrainian soldiers beat you with these weapons," the head of the ministry noted.

According to him, many Russian military have already realized that they were "sent to die not for a good cause."

"Who will you be after this war for your children and grandchildren when they find out the truth? How will you go down in history? Like those who fought under the same banner with the convicts? You will remain in memory as thieves, rapists and murderers … you will be made guilty. And they will betray you again, as they have already betrayed you more than once. Remember the wars in Chechnya. You are already publicly humiliated by those who are fighting in Tik Tok. And this is just the beginning," Reznikov said.

He noted that Moscow officials and politicians who sent Russian servicemen to war have money and property, their families are in NATO countries. "They understand that they are trapped in a war. And they will do everything to write off their mistakes on you. Their theft. To shift the responsibility on you," the minister said.

"I will not give you advice. Just know: Ukrainians do not need Russian land – we have enough of our own. And we will return it all," Reznikov said.