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Reconstruction and reforms to pave way for Ukraine into EU – President of European Commission

KYIV. May 5 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Reconstruction and reforms will pave the way for Ukraine into the EU, said President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

"Last comment on what I heard from President Zelensky, and you, dear Denys [Prime Minister of Ukraine Shmyhal], as you were asking for practical steps. You are so right. Reconstruction. Full support from our side. We need indeed a reconstruction as you said to build competitive, prosperous country of dream. You have us on your side. If we manage to have the investment of hundreds of billions of Euros and the reforms, this will not only build your country anew, this also will pave your way into the European Union," she said at the International Donors’ Conference for Ukraine in Warsaw Thursday.