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Rada intends to clarify specifics of Ukraine's cooperation with ICC

KYIV. May 3 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Verkhovna Rada intends to clarify the specifics of Ukraine’s cooperation with the International Criminal Court (ICC) by amending the Code of Criminal Procedure accordingly.

Bill No. 7304 on amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine on cooperation with the International Criminal Court was supported by MPs at first reading at a plenary session on Tuesday, MP Yaroslav Zhelezniak (the Holos parliamentary faction) said on Telegram.

The bill, in particular, proposes to supplement the Code of Criminal Procedure with a new section, which defines the features of cooperation with the ICC, including: the scope and procedure for such cooperation; the central authorities of Ukraine that cooperate with the ICC; consultations with the ICC; transfer of criminal proceedings in cooperation with the ICC.

The proposed amendments to the law also deal with the implementation of the ICC’s request for assistance; confidentiality and protection of information related to the national security of Ukraine; ensuring the preservation of evidence; performance of functions by the International Criminal Court on the territory of Ukraine, temporary transfer of a person to the ICC for procedural actions, especially the detention of persons wanted by the International Criminal Court.