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Rada appeals to intl community about Russia's occupation of Northern Territories of Japan

KYIV. Oct 7 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Verkhovna Rada has adopted the Parliament’s appeal to the international community regarding Russia’s continued occupation of the Northern Territories of Japan.

The adoption of relevant draft resolution No. 8108 was supported by 287 deputies at the plenary session on Friday, said Yaroslav Zhelezniak, a member of the Holos faction.

By adopting this appeal, the Ukrainian Parliament declares support for Japan’s position on its Northern Territories and recognizes that these territories continue to be under the occupation of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the Rada calls on the international community to continue taking all possible measures to legally formalize the status of the Northern Territories of Japan.

In addition, the Verkhovna Rada appeals to the United Nations, the European Parliament, the parliamentary assemblies of the Council of Europe, NATO, OSCE, GUAM, the national parliaments of foreign countries of the world for consistent support and appropriate actions to resolve the status of these territories.