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Putin disagrees with Erdogan on UN SC reform: veto right cannot be scrapped

SOCHI. Oct 21 (Interfax) – If the permanent members of the UN Security Council are stripped of their veto rights, the organization will turn into a talking shop, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, disagreeing with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s opinion on the UN SC reform.

"If we ruin the veto right of the [UN SC] permanent members, the United Nations will die on the same day. It will turn into a league of nations. It will simply be a platform for discussion, a Valdai club number two," Putin said told the international Valdai Discussion Club on Thursday.

The UN does need change but its "foundations must not be destroyed. There are five [UN SC] permanent members and they have the veto right. Other nations are also represented in the Security Council but they are not permanent members," Putin said.

Instead, the nations should consider how to make the organization more balanced, "given that – and Erdogan is right – it was born after the Second World War when there was a certain configuration of forces. Now this is changing," Putin said.

Speaking before parliament in Angola earlier, Erdogan criticized the UN Security Council, saying that the fate of humankind should not be left to the mercy of a "handful" of countries that won WWII and that other SC members should be given broader rights.