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Private clinics resume work in Kyiv – survey

KYIV. May 4 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Dobrobut, Adonis, Into-Sana, Oxford-Medical, Isida, Mother and Child clinics are resuming their work in Kyiv, according to a survey of market participants conducted by Interfax-Ukraine in the capital.

According to them, these clinics have opened most of their departments: Isida – three, Into-Sana – four, and Oxford-Medical – 10. At the same time, Into-Sana reported that all medical centers of the clinic are open and ready to receive patients.

The following services are available in the clinics: reception by doctors, therapists, ultrasound, computed tomography, surgeries.

Isida specialists take delivery at an approved price. At the same time, for the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their families, childbirth services, observations and consultations are provided free of charge.

At the same time, in Irpin and Brovary, the Dobrobut medical network will provide free medical care thanks to the support of the American fund International Medical Corps, the company said.

The Spizhenko and Innovation oncology clinics are also reopening.

Thus, the Spizhenko clinic has a department of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, advisory services, and a laboratory. Computed tomography works in the diagnostic department, but the MRI service is not yet available.

Innovation has resumed work in the departments of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy and a diagnostics department.