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PRESS RELEASE: A tool for searching partners around the world without leaving the office

Fierce competition in all industries and the rampant development of information and communication technologies constantly require businesses to look for new means to expand markets.

In August 2021, the Ukrainian Exporters Club launched a new online "Digital expo – Ukrainian Products and Services" Project. The Scope of the Project is to draw the attention of foreign importers, distributors, representatives of trading networks to Ukrainian products, attract them to cooperation and, thus, increase Ukrainian exports.

Digital expo is a web resource where only Ukrainian companies are represented. Each of them has its own web site with a scope of activities description, photos and presentations of products and services and a feedback form to send requests for cooperation. For ease of search, all companies are grouped by main categories, namely:


Metallurgy and Metalworking Production

Energy and Raw Materials Resources

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Food Industry

Mechanical Engineering

Vehicles and equipment

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Industry


Wood and Furniture

Construction Industry and Public Works

Glass and building materials

Precision equipment

Electrical and electronic equipment

Textiles and clothing


Products for sports and recreation


Information Technology

Printing and publishing

Transport and related services

Marketing, Advertising and Mass Media


Finance and Insurance

Business services

Health Care


Digital expo is three sites, each in its own language: in Ukrainian, English and Chinese. This is done in order to improve market coverage and increase the confidence of foreign companies located in different regions of the world.

In fact, "Digital expo – Ukrainian Products and Services" is not a new project of the Ukrainian Exporters Club. It is a modernized, updated and adapted to modern market needs "Inspired By The Best In Ukraine" Project, which was created in 2015.

The previous project was supported by DHL and the EBRD at various stages of its life. It presented Ukrainian products and services at the international exposition IF CHINA in Beijing in 2016 and CIIE in China in 2019.

In the summer of 2021, the electronic catalogues of the Ukrainian Exporters Club became Digital expo.

In the last 3 months (June to August) of 2021, the exhibitors received more than 10,000 requests for cooperation from Malaysia, Poland, Turkey, China, Korea, Baltic States and other countries.

The modern project has become even better. It participates in international online expositions, including: worldexpo, expotobi,,,, and others.

"Digital expo – Ukrainian Products and Services" is supported by world and Ukrainian reputable organizations, including: Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Entrepreneurship And Export Promotion Office, Euromonitor International and Others. The general media partner of the exposition is the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency.

You can learn more about the "Digital expo – Ukrainian Products and Services" Project and apply for participation at the link: