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Poroshenko's lawyer announces attempt to violate law by authorities due to attempt to secretly consider petition to seize Poroshenko's property

KYIV. Jan 6 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Lawyer Ihor Holovan, representing the interests of fifth President of Ukraine and MP Petro Poroshenko, announced an attempt to grossly violate the law by Pechersk Court of Kyiv, allegedly inspired by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

"At the direction of President Zelensky, in gross violation of the law, the Pechersk Court plans to consider a submission to arrest the property of fifth president, leader of the European Solidarity Party Petro Poroshenko," the lawyer is quoted by the press service of the political force.

He said that the lawyers of the fifth president learned about the court session from an SMS message received on the phone of one of the lawyers the day before.

"Yesterday after 16:00, one of the lawyers of our association, Ivan Chorny, received an SMS that today at 9:30 a petition from a prosecutor named Belkin will be considered here regarding, as it says, the seizure of Petro Poroshenko’s property," Holovan said.

The lawyer also said that the State Bureau of Investigation has no right to apply to the Pechersky Court, since it is located in the Shevchenkivsky district of the capital.

"It is well known that Petro Poroshenko is now abroad. He published a post on Facebook, where he named the date of his return on January 17 this year. It is likely that they are in a hurry, want to do something illegal until then," Holovan said.

The lawyer added that now Poroshenko’s lawyers are checking information on whether the court really received applications regarding the seizure of Poroshenko’s property and what will in fact be considered in court.

"We know that this is the president’s office and President Zelensky personally pursuing Poroshenko, and the State Bureau of Investigation, the Prosecutor General’s Office is just a tool. And that’s why they go to Pechersky Court again. We have now brought documents here signed by the same department prosecutor with the same surname Belkin, where he writes in black and white that the Main Investigation Department of the SBI is located at 15 Petliury Street in Shevchenkivsky District, they all work in Shevchenkivsky District. Why do they appeal to the Pechersky Court, which is absolutely illegal, now we will try to ask these questions," Holovan said.

He added that in accordance with the current legislation, such requests can be considered only in the presence of Poroshenko himself.

"In addition, we will raise the question in general, why the Prosecutor General’s Office is always hiding, why they still have not openly reported their position, why we know about Poroshenko’s so-called suspicions only from the media. Until that time, no one had informed either him or his lawyers. And most importantly, according to the law of Ukraine, in the Criminal Procedure Code, such petitions, for example, those concerning the seizure of property, are considered with the obligatory participation of the MP, subject to his advance notification… Nobody informed him, only the lawyer received an SMS from an unknown source. Therefore, we see a gross violation of the law," the lawyer said.