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Poroshenko hands over Italian armored vehicles to paratroopers of 79th brigade

KYIV. Aug 11 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Italian armored vehicles MLS SHIELD, bought by volunteers of NGO Sprava Hromad and the Poroshenko Foundation, are already on the eastern front, fifth president of Ukraine, MP (the European Solidarity faction) Petro Poroshenko said, who personally handed them over to the paratroopers of the 79th Airborne Brigade in Donetsk region.

According to the MP, this batch of armored vehicles allowed to equip an entire landing battalion. The total cost of 11 cars exceeded EUR 3 million.

"Unfortunately, we also have losses. Our equipment is destroyed. And when today an ’empty’ battalion is fully equipped with armored vehicles by our team, it’s cool! It’s you who are cool. Because we did it with you," the European Solidarity press service quotes Poroshenko, who thanked all concerned Ukrainians who transferred money for these vehicles.